Q.E.D: The case for a federal ICAC

by | Mar 6, 2020 | Government

Trust in government has never been so low. This crisis in public confidence is driven by the widespread perception that politics is corrupt and politicians and government have failed to be accountable.

This table identifies political misconduct over the past seven years. Few have been investigated, even fewer properly investigated. None have been prosecuted. Q.E.D, stands for Quod Erat Demonstrandum, or “so it has been demonstrated”. This compilation of corruption allegations is, in itself, hard proof that Australia needs a federal corruption commission to hold government to account.

Please find the GetUp! report and video below.


Callum Foote

Callum Foote

Callum Foote is our Revolving Doors editor exposing the links between the highest level of business and government. These links provide well-resourced private interests with significant influence over Australia's policymaking process. Callum has studied the impact of corporate influence over policy decisions and the impact this has for popular interests. He believes that the more awareness this phenomenon receives the more accountable our representatives will be.

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