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Privatisation of child care laid bare: women pay high price

Despite huge government subsidies of more than $8 billion a year for child care, parents still pay an arm and a leg for this essential service. And the women who mostly do the caring and educating receive pittance wages while the landlords, developers and investors make a mint. Lisa Bryant reports.

Taxes are not a burden: they provide many of the good things in life

Coalition spending over the past six years has been nearly half that of the past 40 years and is forecast to drop further. With many services already cut to the bone, even the Parliamentary Budget Office has warned such ‘spending restraint’ is likely to be unsustainable. In a post-pandemic world, bringing forward tax cuts that only benefit high earners would be irresponsible, writes Michael Keating.

Time for Rio to right its wrongs and set up HQ in Australia again

The destruction of the sacred Juukan Gorge caves highlighted the folly of Rio Tinto’s decision-making in moving its headquarters to the UK, a world away from local knowledge and in breach of the original merger conditions. It’s time Rio ended the remote-control management and returned its team to the country that provides the bulk of its profits, writes Shane West.

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ASIO Doublespeak

A party member lives under the eyes of the Thought Police: He can be inspected without warning and without knowing that he is being inspected; He should live in a continuous frenzy of hatred of...

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