Has ACCC let Facebook and Google off the hook?

Australia's consumer watchdog, the ACCC, has released its long-awaited final report on the market power of Facebook and Google. Long on rhetoric (all 623 pages of it) and short on recommendations, it's unlikely to dent the massive market power of these search and social media behemoths. Kim Wingerei reports.



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Qantas gilds lily on Macau lobsters deal with Triads

“Possibly the most expensive crustaceans in history at roughly $4,000 per lobster”. Qantas took a multi-million dollar hit to its bottom line as it engaged in a drawn-out contractual battle with its Macau freight partner, JetFast Limited, a company which had financial backing from the son of an accused Triad kingpin.

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While global household incomes grow thanks to the boom, here’s why ours keep falling

When it comes to household income, Australians continue to miss out on the current boom being shared elsewhere in comparable countries. Why? Because the Coalition has set the levers – tax levels, tax non-collections, wages, penalty rates, government spending, infrastructure investment or rather lack of – to maximise corporate profits at the expense of most Australians. @AlanAustin001 reports.

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Revolving Doors

Australian politicians and bureaucrats with links to fossil fuel & resource extraction industries.

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Top 40 Tax Dodgers for 2019

Who are Australia’s biggest Corporate Tax Dodgers using 4 years Australian Tax Office transparency data.

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