Public information in Australia is costly. The government charges $38 for access to just one set of company accounts: a Google, Chevron, Glencore, or eBay for instance. Ideally, you need ten sets of accounts ($380) and a company “extract” ($19) to figure out the corporate structure of a multinational operating in this country and conduct a fair and accurate investigation into its affairs.

So prohibitive are these charges that this “public” information is arguably not public at all. We therefore require community support to continue our work and identify which of the world’s most profitable companies are not paying their fair share of tax in Australia and elsewhere.

The mainstream media no longer does this work. Media companies are under financial pressure and neither have the will nor the expertise to do the analysis. It is important that we continue to build our database of multinational tax avoiders – exposing both the hard numbers and the tax-dodging schemes – in order to put community pressure on governments to act.

If you wish to assist, please email us at or you can make a small donation using these secure payments buttons.


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Supporters will be thanked and recognised as patrons for their contribution unless they wish to remain anonymous. Corporate supporter, local businesses who pay their fair share of tax and would like to see a “level playing field” with multinational competitors, are also welcome.

Besides corporate searches and charges for public information via Freedom of Information (FOI) requests, the costs of defending inevitable defamation threats are high.

Thank you for supporting independent investigative journalism.