Q.E.D. – The Database of Rorts and Scandals

Trust in government has never been so low. This crisis in public confidence is driven by the widespread perception that politics is corrupt and politicians and government have failed to be accountable. The sports rorts and the travel expenses rorts are just two major scandals that have again led to calls for a federal independent integrity commission.

Below are a number of stories highlighting political misconduct over the past several years. Few have been investigated, even fewer properly investigated. None have been prosecuted. QED – Quod Erat Demonstrandum – “so it has been demonstrated”. This compilation of allegations is, in itself, hard proof that Australia needs a federal corruption commission to hold government to account!

We’ll keep adding to the list. If you have something, to add, please get in touch.


Gold miner gets $1m for power plant it was going to build anyway

The Coalition government’s emissions reduction fund gives $1 million to one of the world’s biggest gold miners to help pay…

Mathias Cormann’s $23,000 travel bill for Broome trips over five years

Finance Minister Mathias Cormann billed taxpayers more than $23,000 for weekend trips to the WA beach resort town of Broome…

Bridget McKenzie’s $2,200 Sydney awards night jaunt

The then Nationals deputy leader Bridget McKenzie charged taxpayers $2200 to attend an awards night for shooting in Sydney, claiming…

PM, deputy PM ignore Freedom of Information laws

Jobs scheme targeted marginal electorate, ignored recommendations

The Regional Jobs and Investment Packages was a $220 million Coalition promise rolled out after the 2016 election but conflicts…

The $80m water deal that has provided no water

The $80 million deal, signed off by by then-agriculture minister Barnaby Joyce, had been rejected twice and involved a company…

MPs charge taxpayers to attend Tony Abbott’s farewell bash

Peter Dutton, Eric Abetz and Kevin Andrews billed taxpayers more than $6000 on flights, cars and hotels for their overnight…

Donations from tobacco company breaking ALP rules?

A tobacco executive made $400,000 worth of donations to the Labor Party, potentially breaching NSW law and ALP rules.

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