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Yes, “rules are rules” Scott, you invent them, break them, subvert them and ignore them

PM Scott Morrison came out strongly against Novak Djokovic again this week, claiming “rules are rules” but his government are prolific rule breakers

“Biggest cyber breach in history” as techs scramble to be heard above Omicron din

Australian governments and businesses have been warned they face their greatest hacking threat yet, Apache Log4j. John Stapleton reports on Australian Cyber Security Centre warnings of possible widespread systems failure

“Living with Covid” – not so easy if you’re in an aged care home!

Covid has spread like wildfire to around 500 aged care homes as the government failed to deliver RATs, booster vaccines and a surge workforce

Big business profiteers ride Omicron wave, private hospital profit wave is next

Big business profiteers have made out like bandits through the Pandemic, emboldened by myriad failures of government and community panic. Callum Foote and Stephanie Tran report on the RAT test wave and the wave of private hospital profit opportunity looming in its wake.

Visa Gridlock: the migration surge is coming … but who is it?

The Morrison government, Immigration Minister Alex Hawke and the business lobby desperately want a surge in immigration to fire the economy but 330,000 migrants remain stuck on bridging visas as the permanent migration program remains mired at an intake of 160,000.

Skilled migrant arrivals hit 20-year low – but Covid is not the reason for innovation deflation

The drop in skilled workers arriving in Australia has hit the economy, and it began many years before the Pandemic. Alan Austin reports on the decline of innovation.

They ‘let her rip’, and she ripped; government collapses in Australia

It’s a dang good thing we’re winning the cricket because the government has collapsed. Scott Morrison’s Team Australia has left the health system to fail; the virus is out of control, tracking and testing has crashed, and Liberal Party corporate mates Harvey Norman and Chemist Warehouse are profiteering. Michael West looks at the price of Scomo’s “personal responsibility”.

Whopper Returns: Tax Office fee bonanza the latest in the privatisation of government

Around the world, governments deliver free Covid testing. So the news did not go down well that Harvey Norman and Chemist Warehouse, allies of the Coalition (and in Harvey Norman’s case, grand JobKeeper spongers too), were looking to turn a profit by selling Rapid Antigen Tests

Rupert Murdoch media inquiry misses the real bogeys

Half a million Australians have called for a Royal Commission into Rupert Murdoch and Australia’s media concentration. Are News Corp thuggery and media diversity the main game though? Michael West investigates a mollycoddled media.

IKEA it ain’t: don’t go looking for friendly nuclear option, no matter the spin

Despite the Murdoch media hype over small nuclear reactors as a solution for Australia’s “clean energy” future, this is costly technology which barely exists in a commercial sense. Noel Wauchope explores the murky world of funding for Small Nuclear Reactors (SMRs).

Australia standing proud — and increasingly alone — as property haven for international criminals 

Canberra has made it clear that Australian gatekeeper professions are open for business. Any kind of business. But things are changing fast. In a radical policy shift under the Biden Administration, Australia could soon find itself alone as the only developed nation which remains a renegade on global money laundering.

Future shock: the electorates of Abbott, and Howard, and Rudd, and Turnbull …

There is no doubt that that Tony Abbott, as a former prime minister, will have a federal electorate named after him after he dies. If he didn’t, a century-old tradition would be overturned.

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