Michael West spent two decades working as a journalist, stockbroker, editor and finance commentator before striking out on his own this year. Having worked for eight years investigating financial markets and big business for Rupert Murdoch’s The Australian and another eight years for The Age and Sydney Morning Herald at Fairfax Media, West has well and truly tested the limits of the mainstream media.

michaelwest.com.au kicked off in July, 2016. Four months later, West was appointed Adjunct Associate Professor at the University of Sydney’s School of Social and Political Sciences. The role is to work with the School’s Sydney Democracy Network, particularly addressing money in politics and the intersection between government and big business.

It is a great honour to work with the founder of the Sydney Democracy Network John Keane and his team. A distinguished thinker on democracy, John is Professor of Politics and University of Sydney and the Wissenschaftszentrum, Berlin.

Besides journalism and hammering big global corporations for not paying tax and the likes, West enjoys surfing, skiing – which he hasn’t done much of lately – and being a father. He is also adept at writing about himself in the third person (and sometimes the first person plural) so as to convey the notion that there are other people in his newsroom.

Notwithstanding the austere staffing levels and the exceedingly flat management structure at michaelwest.com.au, West remains committed to delivering quality independent journalism, speaking truth to power and whipping the other media when it comes to integrity and just just telling it how it is.