Revolving Doors –
Democracy at risk

Networks of influence/power – tracking the movements of politicians, people of influence, bureaucrats, lobby groups, and big business/industry. More than 56% of politicians retire to positions of power in lobby groups or big industry.


Brothers-in-Arms: the high-rotation revolving door between the Australian government and arms merchants

A disturbing number of Australia’s military personnel, senior defence and intelligence officials and politicians leave their public service jobs and…

Band of Brothers: Lockheed Martin and the Department of Defence

After 28 years with Defence Science and Technology, on Friday, October 28, 2016, Dr Tony Lindsay, one of Australia’s most…

Revolving Doors: want a high-paid job at the bank? Become a politician

Australia’s banking sector is a haven for government ministers, prime ministers, state premiers and a slew of top bureaucrats. Our…

Powerful and well-connected crowd out anti-gambling campaigners

Political donations, a policy of hiring former politicians and a proportion of the population addicted to gambling. It’s an insidious…

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