Q.E.D. – The Database of Rorts and Scandals

Trust in government has never been so low. This crisis in public confidence is driven by the widespread perception that politics is corrupt and politicians and government have failed to be accountable. The sports rorts and the travel expenses rorts are just two major scandals that have again led to calls for a federal independent integrity commission.

Below are a number of stories highlighting political misconduct over the past several years. Few have been investigated, even fewer properly investigated. None have been prosecuted. QED – Quod Erat Demonstrandum – “so it has been demonstrated”. This compilation of allegations is, in itself, hard proof that Australia needs a federal corruption commission to hold government to account!

We’ll keep adding to the list. If you have something, to add, please get in touch.


McCormack breaches lobbying code to award $2.6m airport grant

Deputy prime minister Michael McCormack struck a pre-election deal with an unregistered political lobbyist and former Howard Government adviser for…

Idyllic Cocos islands nice spot for a ‘family reunion’

Family members of Coalition MPs flew to the idyllic Cocos islands for a weekend jaunt on the taxpayers’ dime. Despite…

Martin Ferguson: in breach of parliament’s code of ethics for ex-ministers?

Bruce Billson paid $75k salary by lobby group while an MP

The former Liberal minister Bruce Billson failed to declare he was employed and paid a $75,000 salary by a business…

Michael Danby: charged public for trips to Queensland with wife

In 2017, Labor MP Michael Danby repaid travel claims for family trips dating back to 2010. He used public money…

Angus Taylor lying about emissions

Energy Minister Angus Taylor repeatedly stated that greenhouse gas emissions had decreased by 1% when the government’s official figures show…

Tony Burke claims $12,000 from taxpayers for family trip to Uluru

The then environment minister took a four-day return trip to Uluru with his family. Burke subsequently conceded taxpayers should not…

Coalition’s $444m for Barrier Reef foundation did not follow rules

The Coalition awarded a $444 million grant to the Great Barrier Reef Foundation without a tender process, the “due diligence”…

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