MW30: the numbers which count

Despatch, MW30||

 December 15,
March 15,
Dole units or
% change
Tax-Free Threshold$21,5951.5
Single Pension$23,4571.6
AFSA Single Modest Income$27,6481.9
ASX20 Franking Credit Pension$28,6102.0
Minimum Wage$37,5012.6
AFSA Single Comfortable Income$43,3173.0
Bank Franking Credit Pension$45,3663.2
Small Business All-Offsets
Median Full-Time Earnings$68,6404.8
Females on ASX 20 Boards33.90%
Females in Federal Cabinet30.40%
Average age of
Federal Cabinet Members
Average years
Cabinet Members in Parliament
Days Prime Minister
has held office
ASX 20 Dividend Yield5.33%4.91%
ASX 20 Franking Credit Yield1.89%1.79%
ASX 20315934368.78%
4 Banks Dividend Yield7.03%6.68%
4 Banks Franking Credit Yield3.01%2.86%
4 Bank Index410442313.09%
2 Year Government Bond Yield1.98%1.59%
10 Year Government Bond Yield2.45%1.98%
Occasional Numbers
Qantas Business Class
Perth London
Year 12 school fees
Government Members HofR49.30%
Opposition Members HofR46.00%
Minor Party Members HofR4.70%
Government Senators41.30%
Opposition Senators33.30%
Minor Party Senators25.40%

This is the “MW30”, a bunch of numbers to track key changes in Australian politics and economy.
All numbers in the table are as at March 15, 2019. By June 15, when we update, things will have changed a lot: House of Reps and Senate post-election for a start. Then there is the women in politics numbers and the bond rate. The one to watch, will a drop interest rates (that is, ten year government bonds) point to a recession under a Morrison government?
This year’s Federal Budget, as predicted, was a national marketing exercise, not much more.
ASX website. Bloomberg LP website. S&P Dow Jones Indices LLC. Parliament of Australia website. Australian Taxation Office website. Bureau of Statistics website. Fairwork website. Department of Human Services website. Qantas website. Four Sydney and Melbourne boys and girls school websites. Association of Superannuation Funds of Australia website.

Whose Budget? Fill This Space

Tax-free threshold is calculated after the effects of LITO and LAMITO.
Small business all-offsets sweet spot is the maximum LITO, LAMITO and SBITO offsets, assuming the small business owner  carries on no other activities.
Share prices and bond yields are three-day averages around the date.
4BankIndex: derived from capitalisation of four major banks.
A franking credit pension: ASX20 – franking credits derived from last two dividends, percentage franked and share price; average of equally weighted and index weighted notional portfolios. Four banks – derived from average of two notional portfolios. Each portfolio holds $1.6 million (the pension-phase cap).
Females on ASX boards: reported board membership supplemented by reported senior non-board positions.
School fees: average of four prominent Sydney and Melbourne non-government schools
The Qantas fare is the fare quoted on March 15 to fly on June 15, 2019.

Shorten to Frydenberg: I’ll see you, raise you and raise the tax-free threshold

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