Revolving Doors

Wayne Myers




Board Member, Ergon Energy Corporation (QLD government owned corporation) [1] [2]

Board Member, Stadiums Queensland (QLD government owned corporation) [1]



Managing Director, Dinorden Pty Ltd (2007-) [2]

Director, Australian Water (Qld) Pty Ltd (2009-) [2] [3] [4] [5]

Consultant (Lobbyist), Australian Water Holdings [2] [3]

Chairman, Dealer Trade [6]

Senior management roles in multinational companies – Sirroco Communications, NEC, AT&T and Lucent Technologies [2]

[1] Labor-aligned Myers was a registered lobbyist whilst on the board of government-owned corporations (Stadiums Queensland and Ergon Energy Corporation). Myers was a close friend of Terry Mackenroth (AKA “The Fox”, QLD Deputy Premier 2000-2005, and Treasurer 2001-2005 in the Beattie Labor government).  Source 1: (Viewed 23/12/18). Source 2:

[2] Dinorden lobbied on behalf of Adani Mining and Ergon Energy, among others. Source 1: (Viewed 22/12/18) According to Myers’ LinkedIn profile, Dinorden “has provided strategic business advice to a number of large, high profile organisations such as HP, Fujitsu, Computer Science Corporation, Ergon Energy and Adani Mining to name a few”. Source 2: (Viewed 22/12/18) 

[3] Myers was a consultant/lobbyist for Australian Water Holdings before ascending to the board of AWH’s Queensland arm. NSW ICAC documents show Myers impressed AWH, providing invaluable assistance in securing their role in Ipswich: “His contacts are first class”. AWH minutes state “we cannot continue to use him as a consultant due to new legislation in Queensland that prohibits government board members from acting as lobbyists.” Thus AWH formed its Queensland arm, with Myers on its board. Source: (Viewed 23/12/18)

[4] Myers was a director of the QLD arm of Australian Water Holdings – the company at the centre of corruption hearings at the NSW Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC) in 2013-14. Tony Bellas and Santo Santoro were also directors of Australian Water (Qld) Pty Ltd.  Source 1: (Viewed 22/12/18) Source 2: (Viewed 23/12/18)

[5] Email of 10 March 2011, regarding Gasfield Water Management. The email was sent by Jon Grayson to Wayne Myers (Australian Water Queensland), Eddie Obeid Jnr (Australian Water Holdings), Tony Bellas (Australian Water Queensland) and Nick DiGirolamo (Australian Water Holdings). The email became a NSW ICAC exhibit. Grayson was the business partner of Tony Bellas.  In 2012, Grayson became QLD director-general of premier and cabinet in the Newman LNP government). The email proposed creation of a (monopoly) gas wastewater pipeline network:“the core of our proposal is the water collection and distribution system.. It is analogous to the electricity industry with our pipe networks being equivalent to the transmission and distribution system, and the water treatment facilities are equivalent to power generators which use the monopoly/ common user transmission and distribution system.” Source: (Viewed 25/12/18)

[6] Dealer Trade is an online car auction house. Source: The Courier-Mail, 20 December 2018. Ipswich council: Wayne Myers, Carl Wulff plead guilty to corruption charges.

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