The mysterious case of disappearing donations…

February 2020

The Liberal Party disclosed a $165,000 political donation from a Morrison ally who is also in the running for a $1 billion contract then deleted records of it after questions from the media.

The Liberal Party disclosed a $165,000 political donation then deleted records of it after questions from the media. According to The Guardian, the donation was made by a largely inactive political consultancy Southern Strategy set up by Scott Briggs, a friend of the prime minister’s, four years ago. Briggs is also behind a consortium that is in the running for the government’s $1 billion contract to privatise Australia’s visa processing system. The Liberal Party has refused to answer any questions on the issue.

Labor said it would refer the matter to Parliament’s joint parliamentary standing committee on electoral matters because there were “serious questions that still need to be answered”.

Mate Versus Mate: Inside ScoMo’s billion-dollar visa privatisation

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