Tennis, cricket and rugby: Warren Truss a fan of them all


Warren Truss was the most prolific politician attendee of sporting events while travelling in 2014, claiming $8,692 worth of travel expenses around the times he was also watching sport, according to Guardian Australia.

Truss took in two days of the Australian Open, two days of Ashes Test matches, the third State of Origin game and the Australia v France rugby union Test.

According to the expense declarations, Truss was acting prime minister during several of these dates. In total, Truss claimed $8,692 worth of travel expenses around the times he was also watching sport.

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Abbott-era MPs: ‘leaners’ on the public payroll

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Julie Bishop charged taxpayers $2,700 to attend 2016 Portsea Polo

Then foreign minister Julie Bishop charged taxpayers $2,716 to attend the 2016 Portsea Polo for “official ministerial business”.

Taxpayers paid $2000 for Stuart Robert to attend Hillsong conference

Robert was a guest speaker at the Pentecostal church’s Sydney event where he delivered a lecture on how ‘innovative individuals’ are ‘influencing their pillar with the message of Jesus’.

Abbott flies RAAF jet to donor’s birthday bash at golf club

Tony Abbott used an RAAF jet to attend the birthday party of a Liberal Party donor Paul Marks. His office said the PM had work-related engagements the following day but would not say what they were.

Coalition MPs’ ‘study allowances’ pay for trip home from Indian wedding

Three Coalition MPs claimed more than $12,000 in “overseas study” allowances to pay for flights home after attending the wedding in Hyderabad of the granddaughter of Gina Rinehart's business partner.

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