Stephen Galilee

Past Positions

  • Chief Executive Officer, NSW Minerals Council 2012 to Present 
  • Chair of the Coal Services Health and Safety Research Trust
  • Alternate Director for Mining Industry Superannuation Fund ‘Mine Super’
  • Serves on the NSW Government’s ‘Resources for Regions’ Advisory Committee.

Previous Positions

  • Prior to joining the Minerals Council Stephen worked in senior roles in politics and government including as an adviser to former LNP Prime Minister John Howard, and Chief of Staff to LNP MP Mike Baird during his time as NSW Treasurer.
    • Galilee left his position as Baird’s Chief of Staff in 2011 immediately prior to taking his role with the NSW Minerals Council
  • He has also worked in small business, and as an adviser to major corporations in construction, engineering, and infrastructure.


As CEO of the NSW Minerals Council Galilee has:

  • Been questioned by the NSW Independent Commission Against Corruption about the nature of his organizations lobbying of the NSW Independent Planning Commission (IPC) after it blocked a new coalmine on environmental grounds.
  • Appeared 7 times on 2GB since 2017 to proclaim the alleged dangers of limiting the use of coal-fired energy plants in NSW.
  • Wrote an op-ed in April 2019, for the Daily Telegraph implying that NSW would suffer blackouts if AGL proceeds to close the Liddell coal-fired power station in 2022, despite AGL’s plans to replace Liddell with a mix of gas, pumped hydro and renewables.
    • As well as another declaring that “it’s no fantasy, green schemes drive us broke.”

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