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Senator Santo Santoro

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Current Positions

Federal Minister for Ageing (Jan 2006-Mar 2007) [1] [2]

State Minister for Training and Industrial Relations, QLD (Feb 1996-Jun 1998) [3]


Previous Positions

Vice-President federal Liberal party (2011-14) [4]

Federal Senator for Queensland (Oct 2002-Apr 2007) [4]

Senate Committee on the Environment, Communications and Information Technology [4]

Chair, Joint Statutory Committee, Australian Crime Commission [4]

Member of the Queensland Legislative Assembly (May 1989-Feb 2001) [4]

Mining Connections

Director, Sanlaan Pty Ltd (Jun 2008-present) [5] [6]

Director, SAS Group (2009-?) [7] 

Director, Australian Water Queensland (2012) [8]

Director, Australian Corporate Connections [9]

Director, Aged Care Interiors [10]

President, Italian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Queensland (? – present) [11]

[1] Serving under Prime Minister John Howard. Source: (Viewed 10/12/18)

[2] Santoro was forced to resign after failing to declare trading more than 70 parcels of shares. Source: (Viewed 10/12/18)

[3] Serving under premier Rob Borbidge. Source: (Viewed 10/12/18)

[4] Source: (Viewed 10/12/18)

[5] “Santo has developed a network of strategic partners, both in Australia and overseas – a network that includes Australian Public Affairs…The American Continental Group (ACG) in Washington…Modern Stewardship in Texas…Resources Capital in Hong Kong and China…and impeccable connections within the private and government sectors in Italy.” Source: (Viewed 10/12/18)

[6] Sanlaan Pty Ltd is a political lobbying business, lobbying Australian and State governments. Business names: Santo Santoro Consulting (from Nov 2014) and Santoro Consulting (from Dec 2014). Trading names: Corporate Risk Consulting (from Jun 208). Source: (Viewed 10/12/18) 

[7] Santo Santoro, Larry Anthony and the late Con Sciacca founded political lobbying firm (Sciacca Anthony Santoro) SAS Group in 2009. SAS Group’s clients include gas companies Santos and ERM Power, and National Trunk Rail (a proponent for the proposed Inland Rail project). Source: (Viewed 11/12/18)

[8] Source: (Viewed 9/12/18)

[9] Santoro has “established and is a partner and director in…Australian Corporate Connections (specialising in the organisation of events)”. Source: (Viewed 10/12/18)

[10] Santoro has “established and is a partner and director in…Aged Care Interiors (specialising in the provision of furniture, furnishing, artwork and interior design and decorating services to the aged care industry)”. Source: (Viewed 10/12/18)

[11] ICCI newsletter (and images of former Queensland labor Premier Peter Beattie with ICCI president Santo Santoro), March 2011. Source:

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