Regional Growth Fund follows sport rorts playbook

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Some $248 million of the $272 million (89%) of the Regional Growth Fund grants were awarded just ahead of the 2019 election. Of that $248 million, Coalition seats snagged $234 million.

The Regional Growth Fund was announced as part of the 2017-18 budget with grants of $10 million or more for major transformational projects to “create jobs in regions, including those undergoing structural adjustment”.

Marginal seats got a strong allocation with $134 million corralled by the marginal seats of Dawson; Pearce; Casey; Braddon; Capricornia; Herbert; Cowper; Page and Gilmore.In the rare instance where grants were awarded to Labor-held seats, the sports-rorts playbook was followed. The announcement was made by the local LNP candidate or LNP senator. Sitting Labor members didn’t get look in.

The RGF was cleverly designed from an electioneering point of view, enabling the local member/candidate to publicise their “role” in securing funding after a grant application had passed phase 1, and then milking publicity from the awarding of the grant to grab that all-important sod-turning photo-op.

The ministers named on the press release were: Michael McCormack, Bridget McKenzie, Sussan Ley and Andrew Broad.

Coalition’s “miracle” election win claim under fire as more rorts surface

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Barnaby Joyce’s decision to move pesticides regulator a huge financial risk

Barnaby Joyce pushed for the move of the regulator when he was up against popular independent MP Tony Windsor, against the wishes of all the major stakeholders.

Community development grants a $2.5 billion slush fund

Officially, the scheme funds “critical” projects. Unofficially, it is one giant slush fund for the Coalition to pork-barrel its way through another two election campaigns at a cost of more than $2.5 billion.

Sports rorts – the affair that just keeps on giving

In January 2020, the Commonwealth Auditor-General found that Bridget McKenzie’s office made up its own rules for doling out $100 million of sports grants leading up to the 2019 federal election in a process that was possibly illegal.

Roads funding directed to Coalition, marginal seats

Labor claims that the vast majority of spending from the Urban Congestion Fund before the election went to Coalition, marginal seats.

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