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Former Howard government defence minister Peter Reith created a storm of protest when he quit politics and started work within a day or two for Tenix Defence (now BAE Systems Australia) as a consultant on government relations. Tenix Defence was Australia’s largest military industry corporation and a significant contractor to the department over which Reith had just had oversight.

Past Positions

Ministerial and cabinet positions

  • Cabinet minister (11.3.96–26.11.01), including Minister for Defence (30.1.01–26.11.01)

Shadow ministerial positions

  • Shadow minister (8.9.93–11.3.96), including shadow minister for Defence (17.1.94–25.9.94)
  • Deputy leader of the opposition (3.4.90–23.3.93)

Political and public administrative positions

  • Australian Executive Director, European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (London)(2003–2009)
  • Federal MP for Flinders (VIC) Feb 1985–Nov 2001
  • Federal MP for Flinders (VIC) 1982–1983

Source for all the above here, except where alternative links provided

Revolving Door

Corporate positions

Consultant, Government Relations, Tenix Defence Pty Ltd (Nov 200130.5.03) (and here)

Other industry positions

Sole trader lobbyist for:

* PDFs from South Australian lobbying register also accessed

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