Hon Peter Costello AO


Chairman, Future Fund (2014-?)

Member, Board of Guardians, Future Fund (Dec 2009-?)


Federal Treasurer (Mar 1996-Dec 2007)

Federal MP for Higgins, Vic (Mar 1990-Oct 2009)

Deputy Leader of the Liberal Party (May 1994-Nov 2007)


Chairman, Nine Entertainment Co. (2016- )

Independent Advisory Board, World Bank (2014-?)

Board of Guardians, Australian Government Future Fund (2009- )

Managing Partner, BKK Partners

Chair of Advisory Board, ECG Advisory Solutions [1]

1 — Lobbying firm whose clients include Exergen Coal, which specializes in so-called ‘clean coal’ technology. On Costello’s and Alexander Downer’s involvement in political lobbying, see: https://www.eurekastreet.com.au/article.aspx?aeid=35699#.WHmCpFN96c0

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Revolving Doors

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