John Dawkins



Federal Treasurer (Dec 1991-Dec 1993) Federal Minister for Employment, Education & Training (Jul 1987-Dec 1991) Federal Minister for Trade (Dec 1984-Jul 1987) Federal Minister for Finance (Mar 1983-Dec 1984)


Federal MP for Fremantle (Dec 1977-Feb 1994) Federal MP for Tangney, WA (May 1974-Dec 1975)



Director, Genetic Technologies Director, MGM Wireless Co-Chair, GRACosway [2] Chairman, Sovereign [3] Non-Executive Chair for:

  • Elders Rural Bank
  • LawCentral
  • Integrated Legal Holdings
  • Fortuna Funds Management
  • Retail Energy Market Company (SA & WA)

John Dawkins — 2 — Government Relations Australia (GRACosway) is a lobbying firm which acts on behalf of AGL, Halliburton Energy Services, and Idemitsu Australia Resources P/L, Oz Minerals Ltd, GE Australia, and KEPCO Bylong Australia P/L, amongst others. Dawkins in currently director of the company’s Adelaide office. According to the Federal Government’s register, seven of its seventeen lobbyists are former government representatives. 3 — Sovereign is a gold exploration company.