Brandis should go. No doubt about it. This Brandis/Gleeson saga is particularly enjoyable though when you have been privy to some of the background.

Here is the lowdown on the Dutchman who the WA government and the feds are attempting to rip off via the Brandis manoeuvres. He is a highly colourful character and one of the four major creditors to Bell Group.

Dutchman set for record profit from a legal action

Whatever you say about him though, Louis Reijtenbagh invested the money in the Bell Group action, backed it for years, and deserves his slice of the proceeds from the win.


Louis Reijtenbagh

This is Australia’s biggest litigation funding win by a long stretch. With $1.8 billion up for grabs and four major creditors there was always going to be a brawl. The Tax Office is in for almost $400 million so it is no surprise it sought advice from the Solicitor-General about how to stave off the cash grab by the WA government.

Bell Group payout poised to deliver a multibillion-dollar Dutch treat