Revolving Doors

Hon Larry Anthony

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Current Positions

Federal Minister for Children and Youth Affairs (2001-2004)

Federal Minister for Community Services (1999-2001)

Previous Positions

Federal MP for Richmond, NSW (Mar1996-Oct 2004)

President, National Party of Australia (Sep 2015-present) [1]

Senior Vice President, National Party of Australia (2006-2012)

Parliamentary Secretary, Federal Minister for Trade (1998-1999)

Mining Connections

Founding Director/Co-Owner, SAS Group (2009-present) [2]

Chairman, National Credit Union Association

Chairman, UniDap Solutions

Director, Abacus

Director, Macquarie Media Group

1 —

2 – Anthony lobbied for approval of the $1.2 billion Watermark coalmine for state-owned Chinese coal company, Shenhua, and was still on the federal register of lobbyists at the time he was elected president of the National Party in September 2015. Other clients in 2014 included Carabella Resources and ERM Power. See:;

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