Jobs for the boys? The limits of limited tendering

November 2019

The Coalition Government appointed former Liberal staffer to a $500,000 a year job through a limited tender.

The Coalition Government appointed former Liberal staffer Adam Boynton interim national skills commissioner, a job paying $500,000 a year, through a limited tender that was not open to all and was exempt from procurement rules that guarantee fairness and impartiality. Boyton is a former policy director and chief of staff to the former NSW Liberal leader John Brogden.

Employment and skills minister Michaelia Cash said Cabinet appointed Boynton after an “open merit-driven, competitive process”. However, the original Austender contract notice said Boynton won the job through limited tender “due to an absence of competition for technical reasons”. This Austender entry was later amended to state he was hired under a limited tender because of the exception for labour hire contracts.

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