Hon MP

Past Positions

Federal Minister for Resources, Water and Northern Australia Feb 2020 – Present

Elected to the House of Representatives for Hinkler, Queensland, 2013. Re-elected 2016 and 2019.

Previous Positions

  • Assistant Minister to the Deputy Prime Minister from 18.2.2016 to 19.7.2016.
  • Assistant Minister for Trade, Tourism and Investment from 19.7.2016 to 20.12.2017.
  • Assistant Minister to the Deputy Prime Minister from 5.3.2018 to 28.8.2018.


  • February 2016, Pitt became the Assistant Minister to the Deputy Prime Minister, Barnaby Joyce, taking responsibility for a range of policy areas such as natural resource management and the Landcare program, soil health, animal welfare, rural skills and central Queensland water.
    • Joyce’s coal connections are well documented, including privileging coal projects as minister for Resources and Northern Australia and Agriculture and Water.
  • In March 2018, Pitt was appointed as Assistant Minister to the Deputy Prime Minister, Michael McCormack. He resigned from this position in August 2018.
    • Pitt resigned to demonstrate his opposition to the government committing to reducing emissions by 26-28 per cent by 2030 under the Paris Accord.
  • Founded Australian Safety & Training Alliance (ASTA) 2002.
    • ASTA provides consulting, auditing and onsite training to the mining industry throughout Queensland and Northern New South Wales.
    • ASTA is a registered member of the Resources Training Council

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