Democracy’s Watchdogs: Michael West Media turns four

by | Jul 8, 2020 | Economy & Markets

We are privileged this week to be part of Democracy’s Watchdogs — Bill Birnbauer’s non-profit organisation — which “aims to honour the work of Australian investigative journalists and educate the public about the work of our watchdogs and how they have enhanced our democratic processes”. Michael West reports.
You can also see Adele Ferguson, Richard Baker, Nick McKenzie, David Wilson and Andrew Rule interviewed here. Bill and his colleagues have done a great job on production. It should be said that while journalists do play a key role in democracy – as without good information there can be no informed voting – we are just doing our jobs.

Whistleblowers and other sources actually risk their jobs, even sometimes their lives, to bring to light crucial information in the public interest. The likes of Ben Koh, David McBride, Jeff Morris, Simone Marsh, Richard Boyle, Michaela Banerji, Julian Assange, Witness K and Bernard Collaery are among them, to name but a few.

Further, amid the failure of the mainstream media, the role of the community has become critical in journalism. This week, Michael West Media marks its fourth birthday. This is a community enterprise. We would not have survived, let alone grown, without the generous support of the two and a half thousand people who contributed or are contributing now to make independent, public interest journalism work.

It was four years ago this Saturday when we published this investigation of the Big Four, having no idea if going independent would work. Thanks to the community and the demand for journalism that is not compromised by corporate and political agendas, it has. If we can replicate the same growth over the next four years, independent media can put the corporate media to the sword and make politicians and big business accountable.


Think about financial institutions ripping off mum and dad investors. Think about being underpaid for years. About corrupt politicians, bribes to dodgy overseas middlemen, criminal links to gambling, unsolved murders, sexual abuse by clergy, questionable behaviour by police, crooked alliances in the law. Investigative journalists have revealed these and much more. Democracy’s Watchdogs was founded by Bill Birnbauer; film production by Terry Carlyon.


Michael West

Michael West

Michael West established to focus on journalism of high public interest, particularly the rising power of corporations over democracy. Formerly a journalist and editor at Fairfax newspapers and a columnist at News Corp, West was appointed Adjunct Associate Professor at the University of Sydney’s School of Social and Political Sciences. You can follow Michael on Twitter @MichaelWestBiz.


  1. Avatar

    Until I found Michael West Media I was under the impression the 4th Estate had become the servant of Corpocracies and had deserted the voters and Democracy.
    Three cheers for MW Media and staff……. there’s a cheque in the mail!

    • Avatar

      You’re a champ Mike! Just tweeting your comment out. Thanks for your support, mate!

  2. Avatar

    How many people know the Australian LNP gave a $US 500 Million ( $A883 Million ) TAX DEDUCTION to Rupert Murdoch leading up to the last Federal Election ?
    Obviously while not illegal; highly immoral! This was used by the Murdoch Media as an “ inducement “ to run a “ scare mongering campaign “…against Labor.
    So in my opinion the last election “ was bought “…we now have “ a mockeracy “…not a Democracy.
    Google this and you will discover it’s true.

    • Avatar

      That’s a pretty hefty return ($A883 Million) on a $2-3mil investment in the LNP, Alan. If only the worker’s ‘super’ could offer similar returns .

      • Avatar

        last I looked a $100K donation to a political party bought approval for a $5B developer’s wet dream

        yeah – my super’s still minus 8% from the peak on 28/2/20, but at least it’s 13% up from the trough on 25/3/20 …

  3. Avatar

    Glad to have you and your team to tell it as it is. Looking forward to the ten year anniversary already.

  4. Avatar

    Keep up the good work ! – ‘you are an example for the undecided’

    It only takes one person doing the right thing to make a difference to the world

    hmm – why I am thinking of my childhood story of the kid with their finger in the dyke …

  5. Avatar

    What a delight to hear of someone who wants to root out the self-serving behaviour and policies of big business and its sycophantic politicians! Thank you to both Michael West and Bill Birnbauer for this video.

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