Tamed Estate


Tamed Estate: Christian Porter ‘zero for three’ but News Corp claimed Porter victory

Legal experts were in no doubt whatsoever that Christian Porter had given up but News Corp madly spun the line...

Tamed Estate: Labor hunted in Hunter byelection

Labor had not held the seat for more than a century but it was still portrayed as a cataclysmic defeat...

Tamed Estate: cosy media club getting Coalition’s ‘drops’ expands to include Rupert’s tabloids

And in true Orwellian Doublespeak, Prime Minister Scott Morrison used the war footing to paint himself as the champion of...

Tamed Estate: Nine’s ‘Exclusive Survey’ by Liberal lobby associates as credible as Angus Taylor’s ‘clean coal’

And all guns saluted the PM's climate announcements. But while other countries are targeting green hydrogen production, Energy Minister Angus Taylor...

Tamed Estate: media kicks off 2021 copying and pasting government “drops”

Spruiking the Coalition’s 2020 tax cuts; Australians’ ‘$200 billion’ war chest; Google’s experiments; free speech; and even a Liberal Party...

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