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Peter McGauran

Former Nationals Minister Peter McGauran was elected to the House of Representatives for Gippsland, Victoria in 1983, retiring from government...

Richard Colbeck

In 2018, Liberal Senator Richard Colbeck returned to parliament in true revolving doors fashion after a 14 month stint as...

John S Horvath

John S Horvath was The Australian Government Chief Medical Officer (CMO) from 2003 to 2009 and is now the Deputy Chairman...

Troy Grant

Former Minister for Hospitality, Gaming and Racing and heavy donor recipient from Tabcorp and other racing lobbyists, Troy Grant now...

George Souris

George Souris is a former member of the NSW Parliament, representing Upper Hunter for The Nationals. During his time with the...

Barry O’Farrell

Former Premier for NSW from 2011 to 2014, Barry O'Farrell became CEO of Racing Australia in December 2016, later resigning...

Stephen Conroy

Karl Bitar

Karl Bitar is a former political campaign director, serving under Julia Gillard in her 2010 Federal election campaign. His use...

Mark Arbib

Josh Landis

Josh Landis, having previously been an advisor to the NSW government, is the newly appointed CEO for ClubsNSW and a...

Helen Coonan

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