Scott Morrison Scorecard: before Triple Black Swan of bushfires, floods and virus

Economic growth has halved, debt has rocketed, but the share market is up and bond yields have collapsed. Female representation...

MW30: Josh Frydenberg’s quest for a surplus holds a nation to ransom

The Morrison Government has put the entire economy at risk to get his "balanced budget". Instead of spending to revive...

What the Bureau of Statistics didn’t highlight: our continuing upward redistribution of wealth

The results of the latest Australian Bureau of Statistics biennial survey of income and wealth have met with an uneven...

Green shoots? When inflation is good news, maybe

Have things finally turned for Treasurer Josh Frydenberg? Is the latest CPI a spike in a downtrend or first signs...

Hospital Pass: Josh Frydenberg and the Coalition as, ahem, superior economic managers

Measuring the track record of Australia's treasurers by worst growth figures detonates the Coalition myth of superior economic management. Michael...

MW30: an election shakeup as economic clouds gather

The big economic indicators are all pointing south: GDP, interest rates, the currency, inflation. The ranking of women in cabinet...

MW30: the numbers which count

This is the "MW30", a bunch of numbers to track key changes in Australian politics and economy.

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