The Big Ten Donors: property developers ratchet up their spending on politicians

Research from the Centre for Public Integrity has shown that over the past 20 years, the property and construction sectors...


“Voices Of” ignites 30 independent movements across Australia

The "Voices Of" movement is gathering steam as more than 30 independent groups seek to field candidates at the next...


Has PM put Australia on the hook to finance struggling UK, US submarine projects?

"Almost comical". Experts lambast Scott Morrison's "crazy" AUKUS deal to buy nuclear submarine tech from parlous UK and US programs....


Upsetting the neighbours: the high cost of Australia’s nuclear submarine “deal”

Buying ludicrously expensive nuclear submarines upsets our neighbours, inflates the defence budget, unbalances our military forces and does nothing to...


Greedy Pharmacy Guild: another coven of lobbyists collects JobKeeper

The powerful Pharmacy Guild of Australia, despite its members' record profits, and admitting Covid-19 did not harm their business one...


That Fella Down Under! Scott Morrison’s AUKUS deal designed to win election, not make Australia safe

Strap in for a media blitz on the threat from China. Prime Minister #ThatFellaDownUnder Scott Morrison and his merry band...


High Court ruling on Facebook comments a high risk for publishers; high time for reform

In its recent ruling the High Court decreed that commercial publishers have responsibility for comments made on their Facebook pages....


The Doherty Trade-Off: experts plead for a sensible “Freedom Day”

Experts warn against open slather on "Freedom Day", pointing to the high mortality rate in the UK, as Prime Minister...


The Other 9/11: secrecy fight over Australian spies helping CIA overthrow Chile’s President

On the eve of it's 48th anniversary, documents just declassified by the Australian National Archives show the extent to which...


“Everybody did it”: wealthy doctors lobbies ride JobKeeper gravy train

JobKeeper for dentists? Fair enough. But more public subsidies for doctors who enjoyed rising surpluses or hardly suffered a downturn?...


Manal Al-Sharif: Australia’s new surveillance laws remind me of home

"I left Saudi Arabia, one of the world’s most oppressive regimes. But the Australian Government’s recent draconian rules remind me...


Human rights violations now enshrined in legislation – in Australia

Last week, the Morrison government, supported by the ALP, passed a law that allows for security agencies, on the most...

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