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Australia standing proud — and increasingly alone — as property haven for international criminals 

Canberra has made it clear that Australian gatekeeper professions are open for business. Any kind of business. But things are...


The usual suspects star in annual Tax Office data-dump paying donut on their billions

The latest Tax Office transparency report shows the oil and gas juggernauts are, again, Australia’s biggest tax grifters. Callum Foote...


The Printer and the Shredder: Reserve Bank has neat trick to tackle rising interest rates

Rates went ballistic this week but the Reserve Bank has a secret weapon for tackling inflation. But who would have...


Bad apples or bad orchard? KPMG Australia fails ethics test

It’s a good thing engineers didn’t have the professional standards of some of today’s accountants when the Sydney Harbour Bridge...


Perrottet invests in Putin not Parramatta

Dominic Perrottet’s controversial hedge fund is lending to Russia, China, Saudi Arabia and Cayman Islands. What is the NSW Premier...


BratKeeper: profitable private schools purloin JobKeeper, pandemic payments too

Blessed are the rich, for theirs is the tax from the poor! Elite private schools gorged themselves on JobKeeper despite...


Pandora Papers: is the world’s biggest leak the world’s biggest cover-up?

Where are the US billionaires, the Wall Streeters, the Big Four tax firms Deloitte, EY, KPMG, PwC? Michael West explores...

Uppercut: KPMG cheating scandal mirrors Big Four rot, business leadership

Revelations of rampant cheating at KPMG echo the broader decay in culture at the top of business in Australia; at...


The Nouveau Poor – gender pay gap, super inequality stretched in pandemic

Sixty one. That’s the additional number of days women currently have to work in a financial year to earn as...


Verging on Ponzi: how the banks are rorting the RBA’s big bail-out fund

Banks are profiteering from the Reserve Bank’s bail-out fund by betting on their own bonds. Michael West investigates a very...


Bad Manager: is Boston Consulting really consulting consultants?

Management expert Boston Consulting has managed to burn off millions in tax by paying large whacks to “consultants”. Luke Stacey...


Lendlease fesses up to ATO tax scam audit, provisionally

Lendlease has finally admitted the Tax Office is conducting an audit on its $1 billion double dipping scam, while paying...

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