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State versus state, gas mate versus gas mate, a fossil fuels bonanza with a planet on the line

Emissions targets are dead. Corrupt governments in hock to their corporate donors are accelerating fossil fuel projects despite international condemnation,...


IKEA it ain’t: don’t go looking for friendly nuclear option, no matter the spin

Despite the Murdoch media hype over small nuclear reactors as a solution for Australia's "clean energy" future, this is costly...


Twilight of the coal boom as banks run out of excuses to fund coking coal

Coking coal is headed the way of thermal coal, despite the present frenzy in exports and coal company profits. Diplomatic...


‘Sustainable’ logging: when will we twig to the scams?

Governments appear to be rushing into green hydrogen without comprehensive understanding, methodology and defined sources, writes Sue Arnold.

Glasgow kissoff: our man in a car is driven to tears

With the hype removed and the political posturing ignored, was COP 26 a success? And what were they all saying...


Wood for the Trees: rush to green hydrogen masks mammoth plans to wood-chip the forests

Is green hydrogen yet another spin with catastrophic consequences for the environment? Sue Arnold looks behind the greenwash to find...


Coal baron the frontrunner as Coalition finally unfurls climate technology which exists

Coal baron and Liberal donor Trevor St Baker is a ripe candidate for Scott Morrison's electric vehicles (EVs) subsidies. Callum...


From backstreets of Glasgow, our man in a car’s eye on COP26

Sir Maxwell MacLeod isn't sitting around hurling bricks at the television as world leaders meeting at the climate summit in...


“Clearly Unacceptable”: Environment Minister Sussan Ley bans renewable project, blesses three new coal mines

In the tradition of Coalition environment ministers, Sussan Ley has knocked back a large renewable energy project while waving through...


Reds Under Bed: Barnaby and Keith’s plot for Australia to subsidise China

The Coalition’s election war-chest will be brimming with fossil fuel donations thanks to demands by Barnaby Joyce and Keith Pitt...


Billionaire disrupters: Forrest, Ambani’s new energy onslaught leaves carbon-corrupt politicians in the dust

Andrew Forrest and Mukesh Ambani, the richest men in India and Australia respectively, have just gone public with renewable energy...


What will the donors think? Liberal/Labor refuse to act without nod from Big Gas

Labor claims it’s a safety issue, Liberals say it’s a drafting issue. The bigger issue is how both major political...

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