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Reds Under Bed: Barnaby and Keith’s plot for Australia to subsidise China

The Coalition’s election war-chest will be brimming with fossil fuel donations thanks to demands by Barnaby Joyce and Keith Pitt...


Billionaire disrupters: Forrest, Ambani’s new energy onslaught leaves carbon-corrupt politicians in the dust

Andrew Forrest and Mukesh Ambani, the richest men in India and Australia respectively, have just gone public with renewable energy...


What will the donors think? Liberal/Labor refuse to act without nod from Big Gas

Labor claims it’s a safety issue, Liberals say it’s a drafting issue. The bigger issue is how both major political...


Wollemi Mine? Experts label Barilaro’s plan for new coal “corrupt”, unviable

The NSW government is pushing through new coal exploration areas in the state’s mid-west, which have been labelled unviable and...


Beetaloo Boondoggle: political bribes beat the planet as gas fracking gets public hand-outs

As a block, the two major parties voted to give our money, public money, to corporations to drill for coal...


Dan Andrews’ pledge to end logging threatened by rising Allied wood-chip monopoly

The Andrews Government has pledged the end of native logging in Victoria by 2030. Yet it is allowing Allied Natural...

Energy to Waste: Australia moves on plastics yet falls short in world recycling race

As petrochemical giants plan to double new plastics production and the bulk of Australian plastics are tipped into landfill, not...

Going Nuts: Murray Darling’s “unbelievably beautiful story” for investors a nightmare for farmers, environment

Duxton Water executives have been boasting about “beautiful” structural imbalances in Australia’s water market, and potentially dazzling profits from drought....

Gas Myths: Australians pay 7th highest prices in world despite being biggest gas exporter

Australia is the biggest exporter of gas, bar none, in the world, yet we are paying the seventh-highest prices for...

Sitting Ducks: spread of Carbon Border Tax schemes leaves Australia defenceless on climate

The sudden, global move to tax carbon puts billions of Australian coal and gas exports at risk, indeed this country's...

Toxic Waste Rebranded: Australia bans Third World dumping, leaves giant toxic loophole

"It's our waste, it's our problem", said Scott Morrison as he announced the nation's waste export ban culminating in 2024....

Ocean Waste: how plastic recyclers downplay their use of new plastics

Beware recycled plastics. They often contain virgin plastics, the very plastics the recyclers say they are fighting. Luke Stacey investigates...

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