Trevor Cobbold

Trevor Cobbold is National Convenor of Save Our Schools.

Trevor Cobbold is National Convenor of Save Our Schools.


BratKeeper: profitable private schools purloin JobKeeper, pandemic payments too

Blessed are the rich, for theirs is the tax from the poor! Elite private schools gorged themselves on JobKeeper despite...

Governments back privileged in education, public schools bear burden

Nearly half of students at public schools are considered disadvantaged - either living remotely, with a disability, having an Indigenous...

Disadvantage accelerates as private school funding rises six times public schools over the decade

By 2029 public schools will be underfunded by $60 billion; private schools overfunded by $6 billion. In the decade to...

Going Going, Gonski: public schools finally abandoned for the elite

With its favouritism of funding wealthy Independent and Catholic schools, the Morrison Government has completed the demolition of the Gonski...

‘To those who have, more will be given’: Largesse to private schools continues

As families at public schools scrimp and save to provide the bare necessities, the federal government funnels ever more money...

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