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Star Track/Australia Post

Bizarrely, the government actually owns a company on the Secret Rich List as Australia Post acquired the “grandfathered” company Star Track. Star Track has an exemption from financial reporting.

Rosemount Estate

Rosemount Estate was founded by the late Bob Oatley in 1974. The winery has moved from one prominent owner to another while being underpinned by the grandfathered exemption. Treasury Wine Estates, Australia’s largest wine producer, is the current owner of this dark company.

Bill & Imelda Roche

Bill and Imelda Roche turned a small investment in American cosmetics business Nutrimedics into billion dollar property empire, Roche Group. They are linked to three Dark Companies which enjoy “grandfathering” exemptions. 

Ralph Sarich

Ralph Sarich rose to fame in the 1970s as the inventor of the Orbital Engine and Orbital Combustion Process. After selling his stake in Orbital, Sarich ploughed his profits into property development and investment, establishing Cape Bouvard Investments, a Dark Company

Ramsay Health Care

Founded by one of Australia’s largest Liberal Party donors, the late Paul Ramsay, Ramsay Health Care is the largest private hospital group in Australia with 72 hospitals. Seven dark companies underpin the Ramsay family healthcare empire.

Grahame Mapp

Grahame Mapp has been on every AFR rich list since it was first established in 1984. Mapp has business interests in various sectors, including mining, entertainment, property, and horseracing. He is affiliated with two dark companies on the Secret Rich List.

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