Author: Michael West

Adani stranded as wind tenders make another record

India continues to put Australia’s energy policy to shame. The price of new solar energy has dropped 50 per cent in two years. The price for new wind energy has fallen 50 per cent in just one year. If it were to ever proceed, Adani’s massive Carmichael coal project would be a white elephant of the highest order. Why build a new thermal coal mine, and subsidise it with taxpayers’ money,  when renewable energy is half the price? Tim Buckley, director of Institute for Energy Economics and Financial Analysis (IEEFA), spends his life analysing world energy markets. What has...

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The billion-dollar duopoly of Expedia and has developed at breakneck speed. These two Online Travel Agencies (OTAs) now control 85 per cent of the market in Australia for short-term accomodation. Commissions and prices have been rising quickly but, as with Google, Facebook and a host of other foreign digital companies, they don’t recognise the revenue they make in Australia. These are the supreme tax evaders, sending every cent of their local sales revenue straight offshore. Michael Hibbins takes a forensic look at world leader,, estimates the Dutch group owes Australia $100 million to $200 million, and presents...

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Corporate welfare up, social welfare down

Christian Porter might be busy crunching pensioners but the Minister for Social Services is expanding the government’s welfare services in other areas, increasing the corporate welfare budget for big political donors. EY’s donations to the two major parties shot up 119 per cent on the last available figures for 2015 to 2016. The Big Four firm gave more than $86,000 to the Labor Party and almost $70,000 to the Liberal Party, Having picked up $10 million in the privatisation of the NSW disability services, or “Disability and Customer Care Services Transfer” as they dubbed it, it has now won...

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Charge tax shark Exxon with contempt of Parliament

Australia’s political leaders ought to charge US oil giant ExxonMobil and its directors with contempt of parliament. Exxon has deceived the Senate. In 2015, its bosses were asked to disclose their relationships between ExxonMobil Australia and other Exxon companies overseas, tax haven connections in other words. Chevron and Shell respected the will of parliament. Exxon has failed. When asked to provide this information, they failed to disclose that their parent company in Australia was 100 per cent owned by a Dutch entity which is in turn owned by a company in the Bahamas. The fact that the entire asset...

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The countdown is on.

Who will be ranked as Australia’s biggest tax dodger?


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