Author: Michael West

Council gets rolled in barney over private use of Crown land

When does the private benefit from public land become too much? In the case of Willoughby Council and the Talus Reserve. The NSW Supreme Court made final orders in the long-running Talus dispute this week. Willoughby Council has been ordered to take all practical steps to cause the reserve to be and remain available for public recreation and it must ensure that access to the tennis courts on the reserve is open to all members of the public (not dependent on membership of any club). Anyone for tennis? Australia’s greatest local government stoush rolls on The orders were made with Council’s...

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Blind Faith: unlocking the secrets of WestConnex

The view is mesmerising. As you alight from the elevator at the Goldman Sachs headquarters, the serpentine bays of Sydney harbour unfold before your eyes; beyond them rear the rugged cliffs of North Head before the vast, distant sweep of the Pacific Ocean. Gazing down upon this vista from the 46th floor of Governor Phillip Tower, you will see Sydney’s wealthiest suburbs deep below; and among them the wealthiest of all, Point Piper, where former Goldman Sachs partner, Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull, resides in his harbourside mansion. It is up here, high in the Sydney eyrie of the Wall...

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Spies Like Us – ASIC glitch adds to CommBank and cabinet leaks

‘Tis the season of glitches. Spellbound, we have witnessed the unfolding of the magnificent saga of the filing-cabinet glitch,  a glitch which followed the glitch of the millennium, the Commonwealth Bank’s mega-glitch. But let us not forget the glitch in the corporate regulator’s computer system, a lovely little glitch which has allowed intruders to spy on investigative journalists (such as yours truly) going about their corporate searches. It must be said that this Australian Securities & Investments Commission’s (ASIC) glitch is by no means in the same league as the Commonwealth Bank, a super-glitch which gave rise to 53,700...

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Big Four, Big Donors, refuse to appear before Parliament

Political donations work. Four of the world’s most powerful institutions and largest political party donors have once again treated the people and the parliament of Australia with disdain. PwC, Deloitte, EY and KPMG were invited to appear before the Senate Inquiry into the Political Influence of Donations whose hearings concluded this week. All four declined. Chairman of the committee of inquiry, Greens leader Richard Di Natale, offered this comment: “Both political parties are treating the Big Four auditors as a protected species, shielding them from scrutiny over political donations. From the banking royal commission to tax avoidance and the...

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Statin Wars: how Big Pharma infiltrates governments and the medical profession

Science journalist Maryanne Demasi completes her two-part investigation into statins, one of the world’s most profitable drugs. We know statins work. What we don’t know is information about their side effects. Many leading doctors now believe statins are being overprescribed but the raw data on statins remains concealed by the pharmaceutical companies who make them, businesses which are heavily subsidised by taxpayers around the world. This two-part series is the result of an important peer-reviewed article by Demasi. It is NOT medical advice. Statin Wars Part 2 — Read Part 1 here. Have we been misled? Yesterday, I reported on renewed calls...

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The countdown is on.

Who will be ranked as Australia’s biggest tax dodger?

37Travelex Australia Holdings Pty Ltd

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