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Numbers can lie: the science behind opinion polls

Opinion polls are given far too much importance, particularly given their methodology is not transparent; their language can shape answers; and only a small percentage of those who are contacted respond. Yet polls may also independently shape voting choices. Michael Tanner reports.

Tamed Estate: Nine’s ‘Exclusive Survey’ by Liberal lobby associates as credible as Angus Taylor’s ‘clean coal’

And all guns saluted the PM’s climate announcements. But while other countries are targeting green hydrogen production, Energy Minister Angus Taylor spruiks clean hydrogen, which keeps fossil fuels in the game. And the Oz found room for an Op-ed claiming that Australia’s and America’s policies are “not far apart”. Michael Tanner reports.

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Chevron: What’s the Scam?

Chevron: What’s the Scam?

When the boss of Strike Energy told an oil and gas conference the other day Australia had the second best tax regime in the world, he wasn’t kidding, though his peers at the conference must have been muttering “Shut up Stuart”. Especially the delegation from Chevron.

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