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Revealed: radical escalation in US war machine funding for Australian Government “think tank” ASPI

Scott Morrison says Australia’s position has been wrongly interpreted as siding with the US over China. Yet two of the main funders of the Federal Government-owned think-tank ASPI, a constant critic of China, are the US State Department, whose secretary Mike Pompeo has led the charge of global anti-China sentiment, and foreign weapons makers. Marcus Reubenstein investigates.

US sanctions policy ‘on steroids’: a legitimate tool or is Donald Trump using it for retribution?

Trump is adding to the US sanctions list at a rate never seen before, without Congressional oversight or the requirement to produce evidence. Sanctioning the International Criminal Court over its unanimous ruling to investigate US military personnel for alleged war crimes could see the names of victims of war crimes added to a list previously reserved for terrorists, war criminals, dictators and international drug lords.

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Chevron: What’s the Scam?

Chevron: What’s the Scam?

When the boss of Strike Energy told an oil and gas conference the other day Australia had the second best tax regime in the world, he wasn’t kidding, though his peers at the conference must have been muttering “Shut up Stuart”. Especially the delegation from Chevron.

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