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Kahlbetzer Family and Twynam Pastoral

Forged from a hobby farm in Picton NSW, the Twynam agribusiness empire grew to become one of the biggest landholders in Australia. The group is still held by its founders, the billionaire Kahlbetzer family, who own four Dark Companies on the Secret Rich List.

The Disney/Murdoch Connection

Deep inside the Murdoch family’s global media empire were three Dark Companies exempt from lodging financial accounts in Australia. That was until the $90bn sale to Walt Disney Company in 2019. This is a classic case of Dark Companies being traded.

Bruce Gordon and WIN Corporation

Media mogul and Bermuda resident Bruce Gordon has ties to the Murdochs, Packers, major Hollywood studios as well as a disgraced former Italian president. He controls six Dark Companies within his regional television empire WIN Corporation which are exempt from lodging financial accounts with ASIC.

Honan Family and Manildra Group

Perhaps the Secret Rich List’s largest political donors behind Anthony Pratt, the Honan family own one of Australia’s most lucrative agribusinesses, Manildra Group. They control three Dark Companies which are exempt from lodging financial accounts with ASIC.

Baiada Family

The Baiada family owns one of the largest poultry empires in Australia, supplying to retailers and fast-food conglomerates including Coles, Woolworths, KFC, Subway and McDonald’s. The Group, with 9 controlling entities on the Secret Rich List, processes and supplies its chicken products under the Steggles and Lilydale brands.

The Vidors and Toga Group

Ervin and Charlotte Vidor are pioneers in the Australian hotel and property development industries. Through their Toga Group empire, which includes two Dark Companies, the pair control over 10,000 hotel rooms across Australia, New Zealand and parts of Europe.

Kerry Stokes

Billionaire Kerry Stokes controls most of his vast media and mining empire through Dark Companies which are exempt from normal reporting requirements.  His ASX-listed investment vehicle Seven Group Holdings – controlled by an exempt company on the Secret Rich List – holds a controlling stake in Seven West Media, home of Channel Seven and the West Australian print media. 

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