Author: Sandi Keane

Mungo MacCallum: do we really need an honours system?

The hard fact is that the lists which bulk up the morning papers each year are far from representative of our diverse population, and suggest that there is at least a vestige of the despised British class system still lingering at the edges of the cultural cringe. Mungo MacCallum reports on the Australia Day honours. The divisive detritus of our booze-fuelled celebration of jollity and jingo has been shovelled away for another year. Now we can get on with what is really important — dual citizenship, religious privilege, arguing about energy and of course money – especially the rainbow...

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How much did your doctor get from Big Pharma?

Much medical research is incomplete or wrong. The participation of drug companies in sponsored research and continuing education for doctors whereby the results of research are communicated to them demands healthy scepticism. Stephen Leeder says: “Forget the dog: make 2018 the Year of the Sceptic”. Concern over the sponsorship by drug companies of medical research conferences and continuing education of doctors has surfaced again in the media. Fair enough. Consider, first, the nature of science and the quality of research that gets published and the potential bias in continuing education for doctors when drug companies pay for it. Part...

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To Big Pharma: Give us the data and we’ll give you the unvarnished truth

“I want to know with a good degree of certainty that a medication I recommend will do more good than harm. To our politicians I would ask you to give us the data and we will give you the real unvarnished truth. It will probably save you money and get you re-elected, unless of course you, too, take campaign funding from Big Pharma,” says scientist, Dr. James Freeman. Controversy in medicine is nothing new. Science is like that. Scientists make observations, for example “High cholesterol is associated with greater rates of heart disease” and  “Statin drugs lower cholesterol”. What...

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Talking sense on the TPP: Coalition business ally breaks ranks again

Even employer groups want the Productivity Commission to fact-check the government’s absurd claims about the benefits of a revived Trans-Pacific Partnership.  Bernard Keane reports. Yesterday the usual suspects were welcoming the resurrection of the Trans-Pacific Partnership (since renamed to avoid the odium of the original): a “major breakthrough” that will ” lift millions of people out of poverty”, according to the Minerals Council, which “will give Australian businesses greater confidence,” said a more measured Australian Industry Group. It “will boost trade and investment… a win for Australian workers and businesses,” according to the Business Council. But the Australian Chamber of Commerce and...

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New study: companies that pay more tax deliver shareholders better returns

A new study by Queensland University of Technology’s Kerry Sadiq and Bronwyn McCredie finds that those companies paying more tax actually provided shareholders with a larger return on their investment. Treasurer Scott Morrison is quick to spruik the shareholder benefits of cutting corporate tax rates further, as the usual logic goes that if a corporation pays less tax, shareholders should get a greater return. But in a recent pilot study, we found companies that paid a greater percentage of their sales or revenues as tax, provided shareholders with a larger return on their investment both as dividends and share capital growth. Read more: Three...

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The countdown is on.

Who will be ranked as Australia’s biggest tax dodger?


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