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Spin trumps evidence in driving aged care policy

At the current Senate Inquiry into 'Financial and tax practices of for-profit aged care providers', there was plenty of spin but little evidence by industry bodies that real reform has been delivered by the  2011 Productivity Commission's 'Aged Care Roadmap'. In this...

Aged Care: corporate conflicts run deep

Eldercare profits are at record levels, numbers of trained nurses are down by a third, and the number of residents who need special care are up 50 per cent. The Senate Inquiry into the Financial and Tax Practices of For-Profit Aged-Care Providers kicks off tomorrow. Is the system broken? Are taxpayers getting value for money? In this opinion piece, Michael Wynne of Aged Care Crisis, an independent volunteer organisation which advocates for aged care residents, writes that cost-cutting and the pursuit of profits often come at the expense of care. As ageing demographics are exploding, the system needs an overhaul.

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