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Breakthrough Aussie war drone may target civilian protestors

An Australian breakthrough in drone technology, making it easier to locate hidden enemy on the battlefield, could also be used to target civilian protesters. The US government has already used surveillance drones to monitor Black Lives Matters protests, while Israel last week reportedly used small drones to drop tear gas on Palestinian protesters. Michelle Fahy investigates.

Reputation Laundering: weapons companies infiltrating schools to promote education

A Lockheed missile blows up a bus full of Yemeni children; in Australia Lockheed Martin gains kudos by sponsoring the National Youth Science Forum. BAE Systems sponsors underprivileged kids in Australia while being complicit in the killing of thousands of needy children in Yemen. All you see in industry marketing pitches is euphemism, with nary a mention of the word “weapons”. Michelle Fahy reports.

Department of Defence captured by foreign weapons makers Thales, BAE

Department of Defence secretly investigates itself, does not make public the review’s existence or its terms of reference, and keeps any resulting report secret. Defence recommends buying hundreds of vehicles from Thales, despite no need for them, just so Thales can keep its factory open. Houston, we have a problem, writes Michelle Fahy.

Murder, corruption, bombings – the company at centre of Australia’s submarine deal

The arms company at the centre of a deadly criminal saga and numerous global corruption scandals, Naval Group, was selected by the Australian government to build our new fleet of submarines – a deal heralded as ‘one of the world’s most lucrative defence contracts’. How did this happen? In this special investigation Michelle Fahy discovers significant gaps in anti-bribery and corruption measures

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Penny Wong on war powers reform

Penny Wong on war powers reform

Penny Wong's office gave Michael West Media the same response Brendan O'Connor provided, but added that an Albanese Labor government was committed to holding an inquiry into the issue. When asked whether Penny Wong believes Parliament should be consulted before...

Where there’s a bill there’s a way: Rex Patrick’s dogged fight against Coalition to repeal billionaires’ loophole

Where there’s a bill there’s a way: Rex Patrick’s dogged fight against Coalition to repeal billionaires’ loophole

It’s been quite the innings for some of Australia’s wealthiest billionaires. Certain large proprietary companies owned by the establishment – Secret Rich-Listers as we call them – have been cloaked in darkness by government legislation for more than a quarter of a century. Luke Stacey reports how South Australian Senator Rex Patrick is fighting to buck the trend and demolish Australia’s Secret Rich List once and for all.

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