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Revisiting failed climate strategy of CCS renders investors speechless

Carbon capture and storage, the prohibitively expensive climate mitigation strategy, is back on the Coalition’s agenda. Yet the facts speak for themselves. Of Shell’s total emissions of 656 million tonnes a year, its two CCS plants remove just 5 million tonnes a year from the atmosphere; the few plants in the world only exist because of huge government subsidies; while European oil companies use CCS primarily as a “feel-good” marketing message. Tim Buckley reports.

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Andy Keough

Andy Keough

A former commander of two Collins Class submarines, Andy Keough, has made an influential transition from uniform into corporate life. After 22 years in the Royal Australian Navy, Keough took up a business development role in submarines for global arms giant Thales, next moving on to Australian Submarine Corporation (ASC). In 2015 Keough joined the SA Government’s powerful DefenceSA as Chief Executive before being headhunted in 2017 as MD for Saab Technologies. Internationally, Saab ranks 30th in SIPRI’s Top 100 Arms-Producing and Military Services Companies. Keough’s influence extends onto important boards, including the South Australian education board, the SA Training and Skills Commission, and a defence-related board with Adelaide University, among others.

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