Aussies top Olympic medals tally: What’s the Scam?

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What's the scam? Pfizer Australia
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Australia is beating China, Russia, Japan and the US in the Olympic medals tally – despite claims to the contrary. What’s the scam? A new independent expert’s report reveals the International Olympics Committee has it all wrong.

The scam is that the IOC has used a traditional methodology which does not take into account critical national performance metrics. We have commissioned an independent expert’s report, from MWM Dynamic Analytics, which has found the Olympic medals tally calculates countries by their total medal count not, on the fairer performance metric which is medals per capita.

On a per capita basis, our independent expert’s report, The Fair Dinkum Olympic Medal Tally, found that Australians have earned one gold medal for every 1.8 million people.

This compares with China’s 24 gold medals, which equates to one gold per 58 million people, and the United States’ 20 golds, which equates to a single gold medal for every 16 million people, Australians have completely shellacked the rest of the world, says MWM Dynamic Analytics, whose analysis did not include countries with a small sample size such as San Marino and New Zealand.

Unlike other independent experts’ reports, whose findings mirror the precise things which the people who commission them want them to say, the The Fair Dinkum Olympic Medal Tally analysis was produced on the back of an envelope rather than cut and pasted from the client’s marketing materials.

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