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Telco’s break-up good for consumers, bad for shareholders

THE Government’s decision to split Telstra may prove a boon to consumers but has incensed shareholders of the telecommunications company…

Wheeler-dealers laughing all the way to the bank

THE party rolls on. Just one year after the collapse of Lehman Brothers, and the most tumultuous days in the…

Earnings season of discontent

While the gems such as Rio Tinto and Woolworths shine, the property trusts are bathed in red ink and the…

100 agencies facing a $2b black hole

MORE than 100 councils, charities, churches, hospitals and nursing homes across Australia are sitting on a $2 billion black hole…

B&B’s culture of greed

Pursuit of the ”quick buck”, ”ginning up rosy projections” on deals, making ”absurdly optimistic assumptions” in business models, ignoring the slog of asset management and ”a culture of greed and personal greed and personal enrichment”.

Macquarie’s Dead Parrot Model

If the Macquarie model’s not dead, it’s surely comatose and dangling upside-down with its claws super-glued to the perch. Despite…

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