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Greedy Pharmacy Guild: another coven of lobbyists collects JobKeeper

The powerful Pharmacy Guild of Australia, despite its members’ record profits, and admitting Covid-19 did not harm their business one…

That Fella Down Under! Scott Morrison’s AUKUS deal designed to win election, not make Australia safe

Strap in for a media blitz on the threat from China. Prime Minister #ThatFellaDownUnder Scott Morrison and his merry band…

High Court ruling on Facebook comments a high risk for publishers; high time for reform

In its recent ruling the High Court decreed that commercial publishers have responsibility for comments made on their Facebook pages….

The Doherty Trade-Off: experts plead for a sensible “Freedom Day”

Experts warn against open slather on “Freedom Day”, pointing to the high mortality rate in the UK, as Prime Minister…

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John Menadue: Our democracy is decaying from within

We need a summit of community leaders to help chart democratic renewal. Bob Hawke’s economic summit following the 1983 election promoted cooperation and consensus which led to remarkable economic and social reform. It could be a useful model to promote democratic renewal. With the loss of trust in our political institutions and politicians today, we…

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