• Kevin Armstrong

    Chinese black money, property prices and government dragging the chain on AML reforms are part of the problem but really, the fundamental issue is much simpler: supply and demand. High immigration / ‘big Australia’ adds 200,000 – 300,000 additional people each year to Australia’s population + we have around 800,000 overseas students and visa workers. All need somewhere to live .. andwe aren’t .. and, in my view, will never be able to, build sufficient additional residential accommodation. When demand exceeds supply, prices rise. Un-affordability is embedded in Labor, Liberal and Greens ‘policy’ … and its a giant, unsustainable Ponzi scheme ..

  • Awisemansaid

    Yes supply is a problem but when some pollies themselves have over 20 houses each. how is that helping and providing good example for the citizens. All citizens should be capped at owning 5 houses max or anything over that lose the negative gearing benefit on them, then maybe there will be some homes for the rest