Top 30 Defence

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CompanyTotal Tenders
AEC AmountYear(s)PartyTotal Income
3 yrs
Tax Payable
3 yrs

Bae Systems Australia Ltd

Lockheed Martin Australia Pty Ltd

Lockheed Martin Australia P / L

Mss Security Pty Limited

Airbus Defence And Space GMBH

L-3 Oceania

Raytheon Aust Pty Ltd
$301,470,645$345,0502005-17Liberal, Labor$1,552,486,558$134,341,498

Thales Australia Limited

Chemring Australia Pty Ltd
Nato Seasparrow Surface$178,013,484-----

Boeing Company, The DDA Boeing Div

Australian Defence Apparel

Cea Technologies Pty Ltd

Atlantic & Peninsula Australia

Nato Seasparrow Surface Missile Sys$114,019,130-----

Saab Australia Pty Ltd

The Boeing Co

Boeing Defence Australia Ltd

Nioa Trading

Aegis Defence Services Limited

Boeing Company, The DBA Boeing Div

Indra Australia Pty Limited
Lockheed Martin Australia$73,003,667-----

Elbit Systems Of Australia Pty Ltd

Craig International Ballistics Pty

Technology Service Corporation

Nioa Nominees Pty Limited

Raytheon Canada Limited DBA Elcan O



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