This month, in a venture with GetUp, we analyse the financial statements of a suite of the world’s largest companies; many are household brand names.

Multinational reporting season has kicked off. We will look at the oil and gas giants, US digital players, Big Pharma and other tax avoiders. The purpose of this series will be to demystify the clandestine activities of these corporations on the tax front and, with the help of readers, bring the issue of tax fairness to the fore.

Those who can afford to pay the most tax pay proportionately the least. Some wail and threaten to leave (eBay, Chevron) and they lobby governments furiously behind the scenes. These are empty threats. Where there is a market, there will be companies to service it.

Every company will be given the chance to respond, to engage in public debate about its tax, its contribution to Australia and its social licence to operate here.

We look forward to your support on social media and, if possible, financially and expect that the investigation will yield new calls for reform.

The Tax Justice Network has also contributed to the project.