Penny Wong on war powers reform

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Penny Wong’s office gave Michael West Media the same response Brendan O’Connor provided, but added that an Albanese Labor government was committed to holding an inquiry into the issue.

When asked whether Penny Wong believes Parliament should be consulted before Australian troops are sent into armed conflict abroad, the Labor Spokesperson on Foreign Affairs and Leader of the Opposition in the Senate’s spokesperson told Michael West Media:
“Labor’s position is that it is critical that the executive government has the requisite authority when there is an urgent need to determine this grave matter. If the executive government makes such a decision, it should do so as a decision of last resort, and it should be subject to parliamentary scrutiny as soon as practicable.
Further to this, at this year’s Labor Party Special Platform conference it was resolved that an Albanese Labor Government will refer the issue of how Australia makes decisions to send service personnel into international armed conflict to an inquiry to be conducted by the Joint Standing Committee on Foreign Affairs, Defence, and Trade. This inquiry would take submissions, hold public hearings, and produce its findings during the term of the 47th Parliament.”


Power to go to war rests with one man – Scott Morrison – is Parliament okay with that?

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