WestConnex: Labor’s triumph of politics over policy

Towering behind them was The Grand Organ, the world's largest organ. As they rose to address the Labor Party faithful that day at Sydney Town Hall, Bill Shorten and NSW Labor leader Luke Foley may not have known it but beneath them lay ten thousand bones.



Lend Lease: double dipping and Dutch tripping

What Lendlease has been doing is buying villages, claiming a bonanza of deductions by changing the contracts from lease to loan arrangements, booking the benefit of those deductions to its bottom line, and ignoring the tax law that says you can’t double dip.



Nine Lies: how the gas cartel clouted Australia with price rises

There is not a gas market. There is a gas cartel. Ergo the nosebleed price rises. Four players dominate production in Australia and exports of liquid natural gas (LNG) too: Santos, Origin Energy, Shell and Exxon/BHP. The latter are effectively one player as they enjoy joint-marketing arrangements.



Opening statement to Senate Aged Care Inquiry

There is a conflict of interest in corporations operating aged care facilities in Australia. This is the conflict between maximising financial returns for shareholders and maintaining decent levels of care for the elderly.





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what they had not anticipated was that Robertson would go public and that his “allegations” – rather than being unfounded and defamatory, reckless, disparaging, dishonest, misleading, extremely false and denigrating – were true.

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