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Michael Danby: charged public for trips to Queensland with wife

2010, 2012, 2015, 2017

​The Melbourne-based Labor MP Michael Danby charged taxpayers nearly $7,500 for flights, Commonwealth limousines and taxis for three trips to Queensland with his wife during which he conducted no parliamentary business, according to the Sydney Morning Herald.

Danby charged taxpayers almost $15,000 for flights and other expenses linked to six trips to Queensland with his wife dating back to 2010. Danby said he reimbursed the Commonwealth in 2017 for three trips after auditing his expenses. In 2017, the expenses scandal brought down former health minister Sussan Ley.

In 2017, Danby used $4574 of taxpayers’ money to design and book two advertisements in the Australian Jewish News criticising the work of ABC journalist Sophie McNeill and took a week’s sick leave shortly after the 2016 election, while Parliament was sitting, and spent the time travelling in Israel.

In 2010, Danby spent a work-free week on the Gold Coast with family, at a cost of $1989.33.

In July 2012, he spent a week in Cairns, charging taxpayers $3363.96 for flights, cars and his wife’s travel. He returned to the Gold Coast in January 2015, spending another $2000.

Danby said the charges to the taxpayer resulted from errors made by his office, because he used the same booking agent for personal and business travel.

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