Mark Dreyfus repays claim for ski chalet

August 2011

Hours after demanding an investigation into Coalition travel expenses, Labor frontbencher and former Attorney General Mark Dreyfus admitted to billing taxpayers for a ski trip to Perisher.

Dreyfus has repaid $466 that he claimed for two nights’ accommodation in Canberra when he was instead skiing at Perisher Valley – two hours’ drive away.

According to the Sydney Morning Herald, Mr Dreyfus said his staff were not aware he had left Canberra for those two nights. He spent the weekend between two parliamentary sitting weeks at Perisher.

Just two hours earlier Mr Dreyfus told Fairfax Media there was a “pattern of behaviour by Coalition MPs” who were claiming inappropriate entitlements such as weddings.

At the time, Mr Dreyfus said he did not agree with a suggestion from the Greens to appoint an independent National Integrity Commissioner to oversee entitlements and parliamentary corruption.

“I’m not convinced that there is a need for yet another integrity officer. The Auditor General is already able to look at entitlement claims.”

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